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Most Popular Articles

Article Will there be a duplicate copy of contact when I upload same contacts
Each email is 1 contact. If you import the same unique email address it will NOT duplicate the email address instead it will update the existing...
Views: 5668
Article Why dont my images show in HTML editor using Dreamweaver?
Your images don't show because dreamweaver put the path of your local files within the code. Although this may work with a website because you are...
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Article How to avoid high bounce rates
In general you can expect about 10% of your mailings are going to be reported as bounces.  If your bounce rates are considerably higher than...
Views: 2351
Article Why aren't my bullet points showing up in Outlook 2003?
If you have a CSS “width” property set in a containing UL, your bullets will not render in Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Outlook 2003 and Live...
Views: 2155
Article What Is Optin Information?
Optin Information includes the following:1. Optin IP address - this is the IP address of the subscribers computer. This is collected at time of...
Views: 1880

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