A/B Split Campaign

Emercury has a feature where you can test different Subject lines or From Names if you want to see which one performs better. This is called A/B Split Campaign.

In the dashboard click 'CAMPAIGNS' select 'EMAIL CAMPAIGNS' and hit 'NEW A/B SPLIT CAMPAIGN'.


Name your A/B SPLIT CAMPAIGN and click the 'CREATE' button to continue.

Create your email campaign and click 'NEXT'.

In this example we chose to test the Subject Line and the From Name. We are then splitting the campaign into 2 segments. 10% will define your test segment and the winner of this segment will receive the remaining 90% of the campaign. The ideal amount of subscriber to include in your test segment is 5000 and the ideal minimum amount of time to wait for results is 4 hours. You can certainly do more than this but this allows your subscribers to check their email boxes if they are away from their computers. Click 'NEXT' to continue.

Enter the required fields and hit the 'NEXT' button.

Select the list you will be sending this A/B Split Campaign and hit 'NEXT' to continue.

Click the 'SEND NOW' button if you are ready to send.

Click 'YES' to send.

Click 'CLOSE' after campaign has been sent.

To view the reports of your A/B Split Campaign click 'REPORTING' select 'CAMPAIGN REPORTS' and choose the report ID you want to access.

Here you will see the sender is sending to four subscribers and using the process to determine the winner. You cannot click A/B SPLIT WINNER button if one hour has not passed since that is the parameter we set up in Step2.

Click the 'A/B SPLIT WINNER' button to view the details of the results.

You will see the results for your A/B SPLIT WINNER.

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