Why dont my images show in HTML editor using Dreamweaver?

Your images don't show because dreamweaver put the path of your local files within the code. Although this may work with a website because you are uplaoding an images directory it will not work with email.

Since you dont upload any images folder you must either do 1 of 2 things:

1. Use a full path in your source code. For example Dreamweaver may show the path as src="image1.jp". What it should look like is src="http://sitename/image1.jpg" If you can copy the path into a browser and see the image from a computer other than your own, than everyone else shoudl be able to also.

2. You can use the build in image manager within Emercury. To do this right click on the image that isnt showing and choose image properties. Within here you will need to click on images manager button. This will bring up your image manager window. You will then need to uplaod the image from your machine to the image manager. Once upload you must not forget to select the uplaoded image and then choose Insert Selected Image.

This will now update your source code to the point to the image within the image manager.

Remember to save your work and then choose preview to now see if you can view the image correctly.
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