How to upload word document and images in Emercury

To upload the Word document with images,
click 'Campaigns' then choose 'Email Campaigns' and hit 'New Campaign'

You will see this screen and select "Use the HTML editor"

You may create a name for your email campaign and you may click 'create' to continue.

Below you will see a pop up message that your campaign has been successfully created. Now you may click the icon in the toolbar 'Paste from Word'

After clicking
'Paste from Word' you will see this screen. You have to open your word document file that has a photo ,copy it by simply pressing CTRL+ C on your keyboard and press CTRL +V in the box below and hit 'ok'

Important steps to Paste the documents:

* If you are trying to past the form word you  cannot paste directly from word to the html editor.
* You should use the icon in the tool bar that says past from word.
* This icon looks like a clipboard with a W on it.
* This will open a new window with how to paste from word.
* Click ok it will paste the word document into the html.
* Note: This is needed to remove all the bad MSO code added from micrsoft word.

Processes on how to upload pictures in the Images Manager

Click 'Assets' on the upper right hand corner of the page and select 'Images Manager' . To upload simply click the 'Upload image' button to continue. 'Folder Actions' allows you to add, delete and rename a folder. Each folder allows you to browse your uploaded images.

Clicking 'Upload Image' button you will see this screen
.Max number of files to load at the same time: 20Max upload files size at the same time: 419840 Kbytes. To open your file simply click 'Browse' and select the file you want to upload. You can select one file at a time when adding. 'Add Image' button allows you to add 20 files to upload. Select 'Upload' if you are ready to upload the file.

Helpful links

Viewing the images
Previewing the image
Finding an image
Uploading a new image
Deleting an image
Creating a new image folder
Renaming an image folder
Deleting an image folder
Sorting the image folders
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