How to create Merge Tags?

To create Merge Tags, click 'Campaigns', 'Email Campaigns' and select 'New Campaign'.

Merge tags is applicable to use in any of the following option USE THE HTML EDITOR or MOBILE CAMPAIGN EDITOR

Enter a descriptive name for your campaign and then click 'CREATE' to continue. You will see 'Campaign successfully created'.

In this screen you will see MERGE TAGS and in order to add special code you need to either click in the name in first column or copy-paste content in right column. For social buttons you can only click on title.

You will see a pop up message 'Campaign successfully created'.  In this example we click 'MERGE TAGS' then 'FIRST NAME' and this give us %user_field_1% . (If your subscriber receives your email campaign it will display his First Name) We put content in the message editor and when done we click 'NEXT' to continue.

Fill out the all the information required.
 and hit the 'NEXT' button to continue.

Select the list of which you wanted to send the campaign by putting a check mark in the box, hit the 'Next' button to continue.

'Campaign successfully saved' pops up, click the 'Send Now' button if you are ready to send.

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