Adding a Suppression List

Go to Contacts on the Left Menu and click the small arrow to the left of it to activate the Sub Menu.

the Submenu will show an option for Suppression

    Click Suppression
    Click New on the top menu to create a new list.
    A popup box will show with a blank field name. Enter the name of your list here and choose the Add button.
    Once its created choose Add Emails/Domains
    Choose a list from the drop down menu to import your suppression list into.
    You can paste all the suppression email addresses in the box below or you can choose Upload file.
    If you click upload file another popup window will show up. Once this shows choose ADD on the bottom right.
    This will open your computer file browser. Select your file and choose Open.
    This will start the import process.

Your Done!


To select this suppression in your campaign go to Messages

    Select your message by double clicking it or choosing Edit
    Once inside the message you will see an area for Audiences and Suppressions. Your new suppression will be listed with an empty checkbox.
    Check the box and choose Save on the top left to save your message changes.

Youre Done!
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