Search for an Email Address

 Login to your panel and click on the left menu option Contacts
    Once clicked you will see your Audiences on the right side. Click the audience you want to search and below you will see all the email addresses under the column Email.
    Put your mouse on the column called email and you will see an arrow on the right side of the column display.
    Click this arrow to show the menu options.
    Filters is your last option. Type your email address or part of the email address here and then the search will begin for that email address as you type.
    If you dont find the email address in this audience then simply select another audience above. The filter settings are already set for the next audience.
    Reminder when you are done to uncheck the filter for the email address or each time you revisit an audience it will either show you this email or no emails at all because you woudl still be searching for this email address.

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